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off the field

crazy wages

In the modern day and age footballers earn a lot more than what people playing football 20-30 years ago would have got when they were playing, which is absolutely crazy when you put it into perspective of what some of the clowns that play football nowadays earn… The average premier league player earns around £2.7 …

off the field

racism still exists

How is it humanly possible to live with yourself being racist? I am still baffled at how racism has basically been allowed to be passed on through the generations , and the fact in some parts of the world racism is still widely used and accepted! especially in modern football its still a big issue …

off the field

over-spending in the modern game

in this day of age in modern football, every team seems to be spending more on players every year upon year with prices of players slowly rising to reach crazy prices , for example in the 2012/13 season  Chelsea bought unknown young Belgian Eden hazard from Lille for a measly £10 million,after 7 successful seasons, …